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Welcome aboard!

Since the beginning of the year 2013 dokNE II had a number of changes in the group composition.

Already at the beginning of the year Ilja Messner left the doctoral school. He had been offered a long-term contract as public officer with the City of Vienna and decided to put his PhD career on hold. We miss Ilja’s tireless efforts and critical remarks. Ilja’s project “Sustainable University“ will be completed as a third party funded research project by Thomas Lindenthal, Richard Kromp and Julia Buchebner (BOKU Centre for Global Change and Sustainability).

Our post-doc Iris Kunze also left the Doctoral School. Her research focused on “Concepts of Human-Nature Relationship”; in future she will deal with sustainability in practice. Iris enriched and supplemented our discussions with concepts and views from social science.

Katharina Gugerell, responsible for administrative issues, was offered a position as assistant professor at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She will be particularly missed in terms of her organizational and motivational talent.

We wish the three former team members all the best, success and fortune in their new positions!

Michael Braito, who has been employed as senior lecturer and scientific project collaborator at the Institute for Sustainable Economic Development, is going to proceed with the research on “Human-Nature-Relationships” as a PhD project. Building upon the work of Iris Kunze he developed his own research concept. He aims at analysing motives for environmentally friendly behaviour and intends to include empirical surveys on photovoltaics in his work.

The new responsible person for the dokNE administration is Christina Czachs. She has been working for two years at the Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning in the management of various research projects.

We welcome Christina and Michael and are looking forward to collaborating with them!

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