dokNE-Advisory Board Meeting 2013

dokNE-Advisory Board Meeting

The advisory board conducted its evaluation at June 24th 2013

As in the previous year the members of the external dokNE advisory board met in June 2013 to discuss the development of the doctoral projects, clarify open questions and provide feedback.

Vice-rector Prof. Glößl welcomes the participants

Vice-rector Prof. Glößl welcomed the scientific experts, practice experts and funding partners and thanked them for their willingness to accompany the research projects and evaluate their development.

Then the project updates or – as it was the case for our new colleague Michael Braito – the research concepts were presented.

Project presentations in the two panels

The development of the doctoral school was evaluated as very positive. The advisory board suggested joint publications of the dokNE-students to strengthen the interdisciplinary character.
Project specific feedback served as food for thought as well as reinforcement for argumentation e.g. for the selection of methods.
The speaker of the dokNE-advisory board Johannes Fechner praised dokNE a “unique and valuable contribution” for sustainability research. The continuation of dokNE after the second three-year round in autumn 2014 was highly recommended.

Final statements by the head of school, the advisory board and the students

The productive atmosphere of the meeting was summarized by the head of school Andreas Muhar in his final statement: “It is always remarkable to see how the advisory board manages to analyse and identify the strengths and weaknesses of projects students worked on a whole year.”

dokNE and advisory board members

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