Announcement: Biosphere n+1

Biosphere n+1

Models and Realities: Versions of Sustainability

Transdisciplinary Play in 3 Acts: Monday 23 June 2014, 10:00–18:00

Exhibition: 24 – 27 June 2014, 07:00-21:00

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), Foyer of Franz Schwackhöfer Haus, Peter Jordan-Straße 82, 1190 Vienna

Registration for transdisciplinary play and further information:

Participation is free, but due to the interactive character of the transdisciplinary play, please register by 18 June 2014 in order to secure your place.

Envisioning a sustainable future of our planet leads to many attempts to integrate scientific disciplines and respective research methods. Biosphere 2 was a living model world with the aim to study the interactions between humans, farming and technology. The ecological experiment was implemented in the 1990s in the Arizona desert and tried to build a closed, independent system that resembled the most important factors of Earth’s ecosystem. Compared to today’s fine-tuned computational models, which are used to understand, simulate and control real-world systems and tackle transformation towards sustainability, the project of Biosphere 2 can serve as a model for an experimental and performative mode of living that dreams of new ways of doing the natural and the social. The cooperation between students of the Art & Science master’s programme and the Doctoral School of Sustainable Development uses Biosphere 2 as a starting point to develop a transdisciplinary play that enacts “biospherian” versions of sustainability.

Schedule of Transdisciplinary Play in 3 Acts:

Check-in / 09:00–10:00

Introduction / 10:00–10:45

Act 1 / 11:00–12:30

Act 2 / 13:45–15:15

Act 3 / 15:30–17:00

Wrap-up / 17:15–18:00

Welcome and introduction to Biosphere n+1:
Virgil Widrich (Art & Science, Angewandte)
Andreas Muhar (dokNE, BOKU)
Models and the Real: Alois Heißenhuber interviewed by Christian Münchner

Choice of modules for act 1–3:

Metaphysics of Opportunity Costs – Shaping Spaces of Sustainability
A participatory installation asking you to rethink an integrated modelling framework methodology, as well as enriching the notion of agricultural ecosystem management.

Meat the Action! Arena
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes: Play the role of a stakeholder discuss­ing and deciding on the issue of artificial meat.

The Green Storm
The future of our planet is in your hands. A participatory performance and cross-media installation.

maNature – The Missing Gap
Solution-oriented discussions on human-nature-relationships with a focus on selected dokNE projects.

Publication Quota
An experimental implementation of mar­ket-based approaches to limit the flood of publications and artistic works.

Taste the Abstract
The transformation of scientific theses into edible taste experiences.

Lecture by Ralo Mayer
A lecture that contextualises the eco­logical experiment Biosphere 2 and addresses the method of “performative research”, transposing research into various types of media.

Christian Baumgartner (Naturfreunde International), Konrad Domig (Institute of Food Science, BOKU), Josef Glössl (Vice Rector for Research, BOKU), Katharina Gugerell (University of Groningen), Alois Heißenhuber (Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, TU Munich), Karl Hogl (Institute of Forest, Environmental and Natural Resource Policy, BOKU), Bernd Kräftner (Art & Science, Angewandte), Rodrigo Lozano (Corporate Sustainability, University Utrecht), Ralo Mayer (Artist), Andreas Muhar (Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning, BOKU), Christian Münchner (ReThink), Marianne Penker (Sustainable Economic Development, BOKU), Kumela Nedessa (BOKU), Christian Pohl (Transdisciplinarity, ETH Zurich), Michael Proschek-Hauptmann (Umweltdachverband), Martin Reinhart (Artist), Werner Schneider (BOKU), Patricia Stokowski (Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont), Virgil Widrich (Art & Science, Angewandte), Christoph Winckler (Sustainable Agriculture Systems, BOKU)

Michael Braito, Kerstin Böck, Margit Busch, Ana Daldon, Benedict Endler, Andrea Hermann, Matilde Igual Capdevila, Adrijan Karavdic, Mathias Kirchner, Martina Lang, Tamara Mitrofanenko, Hermine Mitter, Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez, Kiengkay Ounmany, Anna-Sophie Santner, Katharina Schodl, Peter Walder

Artistic and Scientific Direction:
Bernd Kräftner, Andreas Muhar, Virgil Widrich

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