To include master theses in dokNE, master thesis grants are assigned. The advertised projects are linked to dissertations of the doctoral school and are introduced in the following.


Johanna Andritsch: Wahrnehmung von Flusslandschaftsfunktionen am Beispiel der Drau

Daniela Arnberger: “Citizen solar power plants in Austria – participation models, differentiation criteria and typification”

Jan Oberdiek: Ecosystem Services on Riverine Landscapes: case study River Enns from Mandling to Hieflau

Lisa Picker: The effect of space allowance and straw as environmental enrichment on the social and exploratory behaviour of fattening pigs

Markus Pikl: Klimawandel und Klimawissenschaft in der Berichterstattung österreichischer Tageszeitungen

Renate Polt: Stakeholder perception of an ecosystem service assessment for riverine landscapes: case study Enns river

Adele Seifried: “Stochastic dominance analysis of soybean and corn gross margins in Austria”

Julia Snajdr: “Intergenerational Learning – Challenges and opportunities in participatory processes in the Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau und Kärntner Nockberge”

Nikolić Uroš: “Actual situation and the production potential of soybean in Serbia”

Fabian Cäsar Wenger: Ecosystem Services on riverine landscapes: An assessment of river users’ perceptions at the Upper Drau

Christina Winkler: Perception of Western tourists on benefits and burden-sharing from ecotourism in Laos

Julian Wudy: Impacts on the Energy and Environmental human behaviour by photovoltaic plants