Oberdiek Jan, B.Sc.

Email: jan.oberdiek(at)students.boku.ac.at


October 2010 – September 2013
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Masters programme
„Landscape Architecture and Planning“

Leibniz University Hannover
B. Sc. in “Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning”

Semester abroad
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås

Working Experience

since March 2012
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and
Conservation Planning (ILEN)
Tutor for the lecture „Ordnungsplanerisches Projekt“


Master thesis associated with the PhD-Project
River assessment

“Ecosystem Services on Riverine Landscapes: case study River Enns from Mandling to Hieflau”

The main focus of the thesis presented in the following is placed on investigating which ecosystem services different stakeholders and river users at the Enns river are primarily aware/not aware of. Furthermore, potential conflicts between existing ecosystem services at the rivers Enns shall be identified.

In order to answer these research questions interviews with different stakeholders and river users have been carried out and afterwards analyzed.

The results of this thesis shall provide a basis to identify a potential need for an ecosystem service assessment for river landscapes at a regional level in the future. On the one hand this research study can serve as a guideline as to which regional river functions are important and therefore have to be considered when attempting an assessment. On the other hand it can point out which functions the regional stakeholders yet have to be made aware of in order to be included in holistic and sustainable management processes.

supervisor: Muhar Susanne, Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn.
co-supervisor: Böck Kerstin, Dipl.-Ing.