Wenger Fabian Cäsar, Bakk.rer.nat.

E-Mail: fabian.wenger(at)boku.ac.at


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Masters double degree programme
Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering” (NARMEE)

Semester abroad
Lincoln University,
Christchurch – New Zealand’s specialist land-based university

University of Salzburg, Salzburg
Bakk.rer.nat. in “Geography – Urban and Landscape Planning”


Work experience

Centre for Development Research

Project assistance for the Innovation Fund

University of Salzburg

Tutor in “Vegetation and soil geography” and
Tutor in “Landscape analysis and landscape assessment”

University of Salzburg

Scientific Collaborator of the Urban and Landscape Ecology Group
Project: Water Management in Arid Zones (Bahawalpur – Pakistan)
Field trip to Pakistan in Summer 2008


Master thesis associated with the PhD-Project
River assessment

“Ecosystem Services on riverine landscapes: An assessment of river users’ perceptions at the Upper Drau”

Within this thesis particular emphasize is laid on the objective to put the perceptions of different river users into the context of the ecosystem-service model, underpinned by specific socio-demographic aspects. Moreover, potential conflicts of existing ecosystem services at the riverine landscape Upper Drau shall be identified.

The main method used is based on standardised quantitative interviews.

The outcomes of this master thesis should provide better understanding of the inherent processes and serve as a basis for future management programs, for decision- and policy makers and for conservational- and educational purposes.

supervisor: Muhar Susanne, Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn.
co-supervisors: Spellerberg Ian, MSc (Cant) PhD (La Trobe), Böck Kerstin, Dipl.-Ing.