Picker Lisa, B.Sc.

E-Mail: lisapicker(at)gmx.at


since 2012
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
, Vienna
Master programme
„Livestock Sciences“

University of Veterinary Medicine
, Vienna
Bachelor programme
„Equine Sciences“


Master thesis associated with the PhD-Project
Sustainable Pig Fattening

„The effect of space allowance and straw as environmental enrichment on the social and exploratory behaviour of fattening pigs“

The main goal of this thesis is to study the effects of the measures, which are implemented on pig fattening farms in Austria, on the social and exploratory behaviour of fattening pigs. The measures comprise an increased space allowance, provision of straw as enrichment, omission of tail docking and use of GMO-free or regional feed stuff. The measures were implemented in half of the pens (test group) of the participating farms, whereas housing and feeding conditions were not changed in the other half of the pens (control group).  The animals of both groups were observed two times, once at the beginning and the second time halfway through the fattening period.

The following research questions will be answered in the course of this thesis:

  •  Does the animals’ behaviour differ between test and the control groups?
  • Does the animals’ behaviour differ between the two groups at the beginning of the fattening period?
  • How does the behaviour change in the course of the fattening period?
  • Do results of the observation vary depending on the method of data collection?


Leeb Christine, Dr.

Winckler Christoph, Univ.Prof.Dr.

Schodl Katharina, DI